Perth Knee Clinic

Perth Knee Clinic

The Perth Knee Clinic has been established by Dr Toby Leys at Coastal Orthopaedics.

This clinic provides specialist treatment specifically for conditions of the knee, including sports injury such as ligament injury, meniscal injury and patellofemoral conditions, as well as arthritis and chronic knee problems.

The clinic aims to minimise downtime for the patient due to their knee condition, by minimising waiting times for appointments, and commencing treatment on the day. Directed physiotherapy referrals will be made to your preferred physiotherapist, or if you need assistance with finding a physio in your area we can make recommendations for you. If surgery is required it will be arranged for the most appropriate time frame. The emphasis is on being able to provide specialist care, both operative and non operative, in a timely fashion.

There is also a research element to the clinic, with long term clinical data collected on all patients with specific conditions, and patients may be requested (optional) to participate in specific research projects.

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